Suntan Systems hereby guarantees the equipment specified below for a period of one year from the date hereunder.  The guarantee relates to defective workmanship, malfunction of electronic components and / or any other occurrence which renders the equipment unusable for the purpose for which it is designed.   The guarantee specifically excludes items subject to normal wear and tear as follows:

  • Ultra Violet Tubes and starters
  • Gas Rams ( not applicable to vertical beds )
  • Acrylic sheets
  • Timers AND Electronic Cards
  • E-Ballast

and any damage caused by incorrect usage, abuse, customer negligence, modification and external factors not relating to the normal operation of the machine such as, but not limited to, power surges/dips, lightning strikes, fire, flood etc.

Suntan Systems hereby undertakes to repair and / or replace items under guarantee at no charge to the customer

It is specifically recorded that the equipment is essentially service and maintenance free and that no planned maintenance is required on the machine.   It is the customer’s duty to ensure that the equipment is cleaned regularly, is kept in an area suitable for housing electrical equipment, is only used for the purpose for which it was designed, and that the equipment is not tampered with.

If defect occurs outside the guarantee period, Suntan Systems undertakes to repair any defect for the account of the customer at the normal rates and prices for labour and spares existing at the time.   Suntan Systems will affect such repairs with its own employees or through one of its duly authorised agents.

The above warranty will only be met on condition that all payments due to Suntan Systems have been met.

On receipt of the equipment, the customer must inspect the equipment and notify Suntan Systems within 48 hours of receipt of equipment or within 48 hours of installation of equipment (subject to a maximum of 5 working days  from receipt of equipment), as to any damages or visual defects. Suntan Systems will either replace the product or have it repaired. No equipment will be replaced if used by the customer and not reported within this period.

Any claims under guarantee must be accompanied by this document.