Collatan Systems

Boost collagen synthesis while creating a healthy, UV controlled tan.

What is collatan light therapy?

Dual-purpose sunbed light-therapy and tanning technology to boost collagen synthesis while creating a healthy, UV controlled tan.

Sunbeds with collatan tubes

Collatan Tubes

Skin rejuvenation

Boosting collagen-synthesis improves your skin’s appearance, combating the loss of elasticity to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Lowers inflammation

The increased blood flow derived from red light exposure also alleviates both acute and chronic inflammation. This increase in blood supply into the damaged cells increases the body’s antioxidant defences too, producing a natural anti-inflammatory effect.

Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

A lack of collagen contributes to thinning of the skin, a loss of elasticity and sagging. Collagen light therapy works to combat these classic problems, too.

Subjects treated with red light showed significantly improved skin condition including reduction of wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing.

Maximising the suns benefits while minimising risk

Compared to outdoor tanning, indoor tanning techniques are much faster and require less time for your body to be exposed to UV rays.

Improved appearance and mood

Exposure to sunlight has been linked to improved energy and elevated mood. The belief that people look better with a tan may partially explain this phenomenon. A report on the tanning attitudes of young adults found that 81% of individuals in 2007 felt that a tan improved appearance, whereas only 58% of individuals in 1968 held the same belief.

Increased levels of Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide is produced by nearly every type of cell in the human body and is one of the most important molecules for blood vessel health.

It’s a vasodilator, meaning it relaxes the inner muscles of your blood vessels, causing the vessels to widen. In this way, nitric oxide increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure and helps increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles during exercise, thus enhancing exercise performance.

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